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The DFA Automotive GmbH in Goslar

Our expertise in bitumen, plastics, and aluminum, as well as our many years of experience with all the relevant procedures, are among our greatest strengths, which we are able to bring to optimum effect thanks to our excellent technical facilities.
Our ultramodern in-house systems engineering is based on a sound understanding of stamping technology and punching tools. Our in-house adhesive development and production is tailored to our finishing processes, and our inline compounding of formulas allows us to directly process the finished product as part of a seamless procedure.
This allows for the successful development and production of even lighter damping and reinforcement sheets, with an even greater acoustic effect.
Our product range includes conventional single-layer sheets, which are either heat activated, self-adhesive, or magnetic, and thus ideally suited for sealing paint drain holes. Our multi-layer sound deadening products are magnetic and self-adhesive. We also produce aluminum-bitumen sandwich solutions and aluminum-plastic sandwich solutions, which are self-adhesive and suitable for body-in-white applications on oily sheet metal.
Our thermally expanding bitumen sheets, applied in body shop with constraint layer materials on body panels, is as powerful as our special sealants, which are self-adhesive and used to seal paint drain holes in the assembly.
We provide reinforcement materials as optimal, self-adhesive sheets, ideal for body-in-white application on oily sheet metal and for applications in ribbed e-coded panels.

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