The heart of all our creative processes is our in-house development area.

New, high-performance formulas are constantly being developed in our chemical laboratory. At the same time, we also ensure ongoing quality control of all incoming products here. Our experienced and proficient team of chemists develop all their formulas on their own. These formulas are developed and secured for industrialization through process engineering at our technical center. 

In order to meet all the specific requirements of our clients, we use only individual high-quality raw materials, and do not purchase any finished batches. The products are prepared using specifically designed equipment, which we construct and finish in-house in our trademark MKA (Mixing – calendaring – equipment engineering) facility.

In their work, the members of our interdisciplinary development team, which is comprised of scientists and engineers, have access to the most modern chemical and physical measuring equipment in order to describe and characterize our products. In addition to the chemical characteristics of the materials, the performance capacity of the products is measured in our acoustic laboratory.

These factors explain our high degree of vertical integration and our quick response time for both development and modification, as well as our rapid turn-around capacity. This guarantees that our clients will benefit from an efficient and specification-based production process — exactly as desired.

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