Dr. Freist Automotive GmbH is an innovative, internationally oriented, and family-owned enterprise that is here to stay. We are experts in the design and production of sound deadening and reinforcement materials, and primarily supply the automotive industry.  Since our incorporation in 2004, we have been investing continually in innovative production technology. Our aim is to provide our customers with tailor-made solutions of the highest quality for even the most specific and complex of needs.

Innovative, experienced, committed

As experienced system specialists for all aspects of structure borne sound deadening and localized panel reinforcement, we are a strong and reliable partner for our customers around the world. Our own excellent facility configuration, together with our great partnerships, allow us to meet the demands of virtually any customer-specific need with respect to geometry and acoustic efficiency.

We manage all raw materials and semi-finished products using an ERP system, which allows for systemized compliance with the FIFO-principle, and ensures that our raw materials and semi-finished products can be traced in the finished product. Thanks to our trademark MKA (mixing, calendaring, and equipment engineering), we are outfitted with an on-site, ultramodern array of machinery and specialized equipment, which we strive to improve continually.

In 2013 we founded GKD GmbH, a company that produces adhesives and sealants. Its focus is on developing and producing heat activated and pressure-sensitive adhesives.
Our laboratory, where our specialists are constantly and enthusiastically at work to create new adhesives and formulas for reducing weight and increasing acoustic efficiency, completes our high degree of vertical integration.

Released finished products are collected at our logistics center by Kanban system, where our finished components are prepared and family pallets are assembled.

In 2015, our subsidiary company, DFA US Inc. was established. In November of the same year, we began collaborating with Orotex in the United States and Mexico. In 2016, production of sound deadening materials began in Aguascalientes, Mexico.
Another subsidiary company was established overseas in August 2016, namely DFA de Mexico.

We are professionals with ambition and know-how

Our outstanding and experienced team is the driving force behind our excellent performance - we employ highly qualified professionals who have profound and detailed knowledge as well as many years of relevant experience. Therefore, we have mastered the complete process of developing and improving acoustics products according to customer requirements.

This process is strongly supported by our well-equipped chemical, physical and acoustic laboratory facilities. By working together with our sister company in Goslar, Germany and our subsidiary DFA US Inc. in the United States, founded in 2015, the DFA group can now develop complete acoustic packages and offer them on two continents.

We are certified and awarded! Certificates / Awards

We are a young company with tradition

Our company's history and development

The DFA – an overview of the german team in Goslar

Management team

Dr. Hubert Söthe
Managing Director




Dr. Christoph Freist
General Manager




Andreas Hannig
General Manager





Chris Missal




Henning Clare




Matthias Kürner




Florian Körner
Audi, Ford




Quality Management

Mario Schwanke




DFA US Inc., Dr. Freist Automotive de Mexico

Reinhard Hecht
DFA US Inc., Dr. Freist Automotive de Mexico




James R. Check
Technical Sales Manager




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Corporate culture / Code of conduct

Responsible and ethical behavior toward our employees, business, partners, and clients, as well as society and the environment as a whole, is an essential component of our overall value system, and constitutes the cornerstone of our successful corporate orientation. Creating and maintaining long-term, local jobs is very important to us, which is why we reject the idea of part-time employment. The integrity of all our employees, from frontline worker to top management, is a matter of course for us, and we insist on complying with all applicable laws, guidelines, and standards. We will not tolerate any attempts at bribery or corruption. Naturally, we reject all forms of discrimination as well as all forms of forced labor or child labor.

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Marketing-Club Harz e.V.
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